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GW Law group is an experienced and dedicated law firm that has been serving clients in the Bay Area and other parts of the country in complex immigration cases for over 10 years. Our work ranges from business immigration, immigration in removal proceedings, to all forms of immigration based on family petitions for clients both inside and outside the United States. Our clientele is diverse and have origins from countries all over the world. At GW Law Group, we are committed to bringing you the best possible solution in your immigration case and will work efficiently with you and your family members to achieve that outcome.

Our skilled attorneys and legal assistants have experience working with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), various immigration courts across the United States, the Board of Immigration Appeals, U.S. Court of Appeals, and United States Consulates around the world.

Family Immigration & Visas

We have worked on a variety of cases that have involved family members in different steps of the immigration process. These family members can be inside or outside of the United States. Depending on the location of the beneficiaries of the family petitions, we will work both inside and outside of the United States with the USCIS and/or United States Consulates abroad. We know that the immigration system can seem complex; however, here is a brief breakdown of the different visas and other legal categories you can expect to encounter during the immigration process.

Employment Visas

Your employer can petition on your behalf, either to help you enter the consulate process and move to the United States, or to change your status to allow you to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

Services Offered 

We offer a wide array of family immigration, business immigration, deportation defense, and other immigration services including:

  • Business immigration (EB5 & E2)
  • Removal and deportation defense in immigration court
  • Family petitions
  • U Visa applications for both victims of crimes and/or serious violations of employment law
  • Consular processing
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (both at the State Court level and USCIS level)
  • Responses to Request for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny from USCIS
  • Waiver applications for Prior Unlawful Presence, Prior Deportation Order, Fraud and Criminal Convictions
  • Naturalization applications, both simple and complex

If you need help with your immigration case, contact us today. Our services are available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Russian


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Non-Immigrant Visas

The wide variety of non-immigrant visas provide both the temporary right to visit the United States or even live in the United States and they are designed for tourists, college students, business trips, and workers who don’t intend to permanently relocate. Also, it gives the victims of certain crimes, and victims of human trafficking the avenue to remain or immigrate to the United States.

There are many different types of non-immigrant visas and they can have very different timeframes, so you should always make sure your visa closely matches your needs, and will allow you to stay in the United States long enough for your purposes.


In some circumstances, you may be able to apply for a waiver of inadmissibility for individuals that would otherwise be inadmissible to the United States. Conditions of inadmissibility include:

  • Prior unlawful presence
  • Prior deportation order
  • Fraud
  • Criminal convictions

Business Immigration


An EB-5 Visa is a United States visa program that enables foreign investors to obtain permanent residency in the United States by investing in a business that will be of benefit for the United States economy and will foster job growth. There is a certain investment requirement limit that must be met, as well as a minimum number of full time positions that this type of investment will create in order to qualify for this type of visa. E-2 VISA


An E-2 Visa is a document allowing a foreign national of a country with which the United States maintains treaties of commerce and navigation to be admitted into the United States. The essential purpose is to allow people with capital to invest in US business operations.

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